Replacing animal agriculture and shifting to a plant-based diet could drastically curb greenhouse gas emissions, according to new model

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Compare CO2 emissions from G20 food consumption, only two countries can achieve the 1.5 degree target

When everyone on the planet consumes steaks and dairy products like Brazilians and Americans, it is necessary to report that the Earth needs five more in order to reach the goal of global warming countermeasures. The book was published on the 16th. This is the first report comparing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from food consumption in 20 countries and regions (G20).


Meat and dairy production emit more nitrogen than Earth can cope with

The emissions from livestock farming amount to about 65 teragrams (Tg) of nitrogen a year. That means meat and dairy production alone breaches the lower limit of the 62 to 82 Tg a year considered to be the “planetary boundary” for nitrogen emissions, or the safe global level beyond which humanity’s future prosperity is endangered. Nitrous oxide, for example, is exacerbating global warming.